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L David Patterson

I have known Dayna for over 5 years.   We have worked together in a number of professional settings. She is amazing with people.  She is as relationship builder, and a great networker.  Dayna has superior communication skills. She is a master salesman. She is hard working and dedicated.  Dayna goes above and beyond for her friends and clients.  


I have counted on Dayna and her excellent communication and marketing talents on numerous occasions, from business to politics.  She has been especially helpful during my political campaigns.  Her help was instrumental in me getting Elected as Hawthorne's first African American Treasurer in 2015, and I am counting on her help again as I am campaigning for Hawthorne City Council.


L. David Paterson

Hawthorne City Councilman

Brenda Doby-Flewellyn

Dayna,  you and Jocelyn pulled off an awesome event! The venue was amazing. I can't believe how delicious and abundant the food was.  No one complained about the wait because the hostesses were serving appetizers and drinks while they stood in line.  The Selfies were a really big hit! What woman doesn't want an instant photo especially when they are looking their best  and displayed for all to see.   all the attention to pampering details (flowers, red carpet, foot & hand massages, manicures) my 10 guest who also attended last year, thanked me and said the price was well worth it.  Omg, my complements could fill a book

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